Research Fellows

방기문 (Ki Mun Bang)

공학박사 Ph.D. / 기술사 P.E.

전진아 (Jin A Jeon)

Duties and Specialties

  • Single photon and low threshold detector study using MMC(Metallic magnetic calorimeter) in low temperature.
  • MMC design and fabrication R&D for multi-channel crystal-based detector. 
  • Development of SiPM(Silicon photomultiplier) and single photon measurement.
  • Silicon charge detector development for balloon and space mission.
  • MEMS micromirror design and fabrication for small satellite missions.
  • Telescope design, assemble and space qualified test for satellite and ISS missions. 

Presentation and Papers

  • Metallic magnetic calorimeters  introduction and applications - KSS2020
  • Development of low threshold detectors using metallic magnetic calorimeters for a rare event experiment - KPS2020 Spring 
  • Low temperature measurement on directional dependence of phonon-scintillation signals from a zinc tungstate crystal - LTD18 (2019 Summer)
  • Development of Neganov-Luke light detectors for a rare event experiment  - LTD18 (2019 Summer)  
  • Development of low threshold light detectors for a rare event experiment - KPS2019 Spring
  • Development of large area Neganov-Luke phonon amplified light detectors for dark matter experiments - SORMA2018
  • Development of large area light detector using Neganov-Luke phonon amplified effect for dark matter experiments - KPS2018 Spring
  • Neganov-Luke phonon amplified light detectors for Low-temperature dark matter experiments - ASC2018 


  • 2017 - present : Research Fellow, IBS
  • 2016 - 2017 : Research Professor, Sungkyunkwan University 
  • 2014 - 2016 : Postdoc, Sungkyunkwan University
  • 2014 : Ph.D. Ewha womans University
김고운 (GoWoon Kim)

■ Education

2004-2008 B.S. Department of Physics Education, Ewha Womans University

2012- Ph.D Student. Department of Nuclear Physics, Ewha Womans University

김경원 (Kyung won Kim)

Duties and Specialties

KIMS-NaI data analysis


Ph.D. student, Seoul National University

김상군 (Sang Goon Kim)
김승천 (Seung Cheon Kim)
고영주 (Yooung ju Ko)

Duties and Specialties

  • MC Simulations for SBL


  • 2013-Present : Doctor’s Degree Course at Chung-ang University
이혜영 (Hye Young Lee)
Indra Raj Pandey

Duties and Specialties Experience

  • Development of single crystal using Czochralski and Bridgeman technique.
  • Purification and development of semiconductor and halide materials using zone melting technique.
  • Cutting and polishing of the grown crystals.
  • Crystal structure analysis with X-ray diffraction technique.
  • Luminescence and scintillation characterization of the scintillating material. These characterizations involve: X-ray, Laser, LED, Photo induced spectroscopy, transmittance, fluorescence and scintillation decay time, pulse height measurement, scintillation measurement with single photon counting technique, and thermoluminescence measurement.
  • Working at low temperature (300 to 4 K) for scintillation and luminescence measurement.
Aryal Pabitra

Duties and Specialties

  • Purification and recovery of chemicals to grow Mo-based single crystals. 
  • Glass and glass ceramic fabrication (doped with RE metals, silver and CsPbBr3 QDs), and characterization. 
  • Organometallic crystal growth following Bridgman and solution technique for scintillating detector.
김혜림 (Hyelim Kim)

Duties and Specialties

  • Scintillation bolometer R&D
  • Study of phonon and scintillation properties

Presentation and Papers

  • Li2MoO4 Phonon-Scintillation Detection Systems with MMC Readout - JLTP 199, 1082-1088 (2020)
  • Compact phonon-scintillation detection system for rare event searches at low temperatures - NIMA 954, 162107 (2020)
  • Low threshold detectors for low mass dark matter detection - KSS2020
이인수 (In Soo Lee)
김성현 (Sung Hyun Kim)
Hafizh Prihtiadi

Duties and specialities

  • Dark Matter Searches
  • Muon Data Analysis for COSINE-100 experiment


  • 2019 Ph.D, Department of Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
  • 2016 - Present, Researcher at Center for Underground Physics, Institute for Basic Science