CUP-IBS School, University of Science and Technology


Center for Underground Physics (CUP) was selected as one of physics center of the institute for Basic Science (IBS). Since ‘IBS School, UST’ was established at September 2014, CUP UST started a doctoral program with an opportunity to participate in leading research of the center.

CUP is world leading research center in astroparticle physics with various physics aspects such as dark matter, neutrinoless double beta decay, and neutrino oscillation. CUP also developed frontier technologies for radio assay, purification, crystal growing, and particle detectors for such physics programs.

CUP UST program operates the integrated MS/Ph.D program and Ph.D program in astroparticle physics for outstanding students from around world. CUP UST program provides astroparticle physics as well as frontier technology related courses together with basic physics courses in nearby university.

CUP UST program provides all students with a generous stipend, tuition grants, dormitory and other benefits. Moreover, students have the opprtunities to participate in overseas training at global universities and research institutions, as well as international academic conferences and workshops.



Recommended courses

Additional recommended courses

Mandatory major course

Mandatory General Course



Two or more of the following courses per a semester :

Classical Mechanics

Electromagnetism I, II

Quantum Mechanics  I, II

Statistical Mechanics

•Solid State Physics I, II

•Semiconductor Photonics

•Physics of Superconductivity


Field Research 1



Field Research 2



One or more of the following courses per a semester :

Nuclear Physics

Detector Physics

Particle Physics

Astroparticle Physics

•Quantum Field Theory I, II

•Low Temperature Detector

Once a year :

Seminar 1

Field Research 3


Field Research 4



Once a year :

Seminar 2

Field Research 5


Field Research 6

The curriculum can be changed in consultation with the advisor.


Name E-mail Course Supervisor
Kim, Wootae Intergrated PhD course Kim, Yeongduk
Kwon, Dohyung Intergrated PhD course Kim, Yong-Hamb
Lee, Seohyun Intergrated PhD course Lee, Hyunsu
Park, Byungju Intergrated PhD course Lee, Hyunsu
Seo, Jeewon PhD course Lee, Moohyun
Woo, Kyungrae Intergrated PhD course Kim, Yong-Hamb

2019 UST Admission Timeline

  1. Online Admission Application : August 20 ~ September 21, 2019
    – Access to UST Online Admission System(
  2. Document Supplement Period : October 15 ~ October 17, 2019
  3. Announcement of Successful Applicants of the First Selection : November 7, 2019
  4. The second Selection(In-depth Interview in each field of study) : November 14~21, 2019
  5. Announcement of of Final Successful Applicants : December 12, 2019
  6. Admission Registration : December 13 ~ December 20, 2019

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