CERN-EP seminar: Recent Results of COSINE-100 Experiment and Future Plan

CERN-EP seminar

by Yeongduk Kim (Institute for Basic Science | IBS · Center for Underground Physics)

COSINE-100 is an experiment to test the long standing claim of dark matter modulation signals from DAMA/LIBRA group. We have developed the same type of crystals as DAMA/LIBRA experiment, low background NaI(Tl) crystal detectors using high quantum efficiency PMTs with a total mass of about 100 kg. The detectors were immersed in liquid scintillator of 2 tons to remove K-40 backgrounds around 3 keV and muon veto scintillators were surrounding the heavy shielding made by lead. The COSINE-100 detectors were installed at the 700 meter deep underground laboratory, Y2L in Korea and we have been taking data continuously from September of 2016, more than 2.5 years. We observed no excess of events over the simulated backgrounds of known sources in an early part of the data, with which we could rule out the  interpretation of DAMA/LIBRA data as WIMP-nucleon spin-independent interaction assuming the standard halo model. Further analysis results for annual modulation in COSINE-100 data for 1.7 years will be compared with DAMA/LIBRA and a recent ANAIS experiment. I will try to describe the future experimental plans of COSINE collaboration for the complete validation of the DAMA/LIBRA experiment too.



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