Ultra low temperature refrigerator system using Helium mixtures (헬륨 혼합가스 극저온 냉동장치)

  • Manufacturer Leiden Cryogenics
  • Manufacture date 2015
  • Model CF-81-700 Maglev
  • Location One refrigerator is installed at YangYang underground laboratory and the other is operated at IBS head quarter (Low background high resolution lab)
  • Manager None


In order to select a proper detector module for AMoRE experiment, it need to have R&D process to test the detector performance, like energy calibration and signal response, etc, at the mK temperature. CUP utilized the dilution refrigerator for cooling-down the R&D setup to mK temperature.


  • 1’st stage Cryogen free cooler
    • Pulse tube refrigerator (Cryomech PT415 with remote motor)
    • 45 W @ 40 K, 1.5 W @ 4.2 K
  • Gas Handling system
    • Levitation type turbo pump, root pump,
    • Auto condensing/recovery system (include emergency recovery)
  • Dilution unit
    • minimum temperature : less than 10 mK
    • Cooling power : 0.7 mW @ 120 mK
    • Experimental area : 408 (diameter) × 540 (height)
    • 36 hours cool-down time with nitrogen precooling (no extra load)