Sputter system (자기양자센서 스퍼터 시스템)

  • Manufacturer Synwiz
  • Manufacture date 2017
  • Model Customized model
  • Location IBS head quarter, C169 clean room 1000 (deposition room)
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. A device for sputtering a superconducting film and a metal film of a low-temperature detector sensor.


  • Main process chamber
    • 5 putter guns has individual gate valve
    • sample : miximum 4” wafer
    • adjustment of the distance between sputter gun and wafer
    • rotational waver chuck including water cooling
    • available co-sputtering by controlling of gun position
  • load-rock chamber
    • RF Ion etching for removing the oxidized and anodized surface
    • wafer adjustment (for the uniform etch ratio) : periodic longitudinal movement