Rapid Thermal Processing system (고속 열처리기)

  • Manufacturer Allwin21 corp.
  • Manufacture date 2015
  • Model model AccuThermo_AW-610
  • Location IBS head quarter, C169 clean room 1000 (deposition room)
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. It allows to rapid thermal process on thin film for annealing.


This equipment is an atmospheric RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing) system. The system uses high intensity visible radiation to heat single wafer for short process periods of time at precisely controlled temperatures. The process periods are typically 1~600 seconds in duration, although periods of up to 9999 seconds can be selected. These capabilities, combined with the heating chamber's cold-wall design and superior heating uniformity, provide significant advantages over conventional furnace processing.