E-beam evaporator (무라돈 환경 전자빔 증착 시스템)

  • Manufacturer Synwiz
  • Manufacture date 2017
  • Model Customized model
  • Location IBS head quarter, C169 clean room 1000 (deposition room)
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. Deposition thin films for cryogenic crystal detectors and light detectors in a Radon free environment.


  • Process chamber
    • 3 level of UHV (cryo, turbo, rough pump)
    • Large loading space : simultaneous deposition of 4 ~ 5 samples
      (individual sample of maximum 60 (D) × 90 (H) mm)
    • Rotational (3-axes) sample holder including water cooling system
  • Source chamber
    • Dual E-beam gun
    • Separated with process chamber by gate valve
  • Load-rock chamber and glove box
    • Minimization of the surface contamination by Radon and moisture
    • Nitrogen charge type (less than 1 ppm of moisture content with dry trap)