Dicing saw (웨이퍼 절단기)

  • Manufacturer Disco
  • Manufacture date 2017
  • Model DAD323
  • Location IBS head quarter, C169 clean room 1000 (deposition room)
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. It is an automatic dicing saw for ø6-inch wafers with small footprint.


  • Automatic dicing saw for ø 6-inch wafers
    • 150 mm square workpiece support can be added via a user-specified specification.
  • Offering the world’s smallest space-saving footprint
    • W: 490 mm
    • D: 870 mm
    • H: 1,600 mm
    • This advantage is especially apparent when multiple units are used in parallel (improved productivity per unit area).
  • Improved throughput :
    • Improved speed for the X, Y, and Z-axis.
      * Maximum speed of the X-axis improved to 700 m/s (Increased by about 1.4x compared to the existing DAD322).
    • Incorporation of a high performance processor
    • Screen transition time and software operation speed have been greatly improved.
  • High torque 2.0 kW spindle installed
    • Supports the processing of difficult-to-cut materials including glass and ceramics
    • A high rotation speed 1.8 kW spindle is also available as an option (max rotation speed: 60,000 min-1).
  • Further evolution for improved user friendliness
    • Increased operation monitor size (Current: 10.4 inches →15 inches) for improved visual recognition and an increase in the amount of displayable information.