3D laser microscope (3D 레이저 현미경)

  • Manufacturer Olympus
  • Manufacture date 2014
  • Model OLS4100
  • Location IBS head quarter, C171 Photo-lithography room
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. It is a 3D laser microscope for measuring multi-layer thin film patterns.


This equipment is a laser scanning microscope designed for surface measurements at 10 nm resolutions and non-contact 3D observations. It consists of a customized optical system and high numerical apertures. A 405 nm laser within the optical system ensures superior performance.

The presence of a short-wavelength 405nm laser and a high aperture objective lens provides an impressive X-Y resolution of 0.12 µm to perform submicron measurements at the surface of the sample. A precise 0.8 nm resolution linear scale and software algorithms such the I-Z curve can help OLS4100 resolve 10nm height differences.