Call for Applications for Associate Director Positions of “Center for Underground Physics” in the Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

 "Founded in November 2011 by Korea Government, the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) supports basic research within the entire range of natural sciences including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, earth science, and astronomy by providing highly advanced, supportive, self-direct research environments."

 IBS invites applications for the positions of Associate Directors who are senior-level researchers with high research potentials, running own research group in collaboration with the directors within their Research Centers.

  1. 1. Introduction of the research center
    • The Center for Underground Physics (CUP) aims to reach and scan the most sensitive parameter space for dark matter particles and neutrinoless double beta decay. CUP is preparing two main experiments, KIMS+ and AMoRE at present. It also develops new detection technologies with low-temperature calorimetric sensors. Future experiments on dark matter and neutrinos will use this new technique.
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  1. 2. Job description
    • We are looking for a highly qualified group leader to perform collaborative research in the area of dark matter detection experiment. He (or She) will organize and lead the research of the direct dark matter experiments. Two different detection techniques, detectors based on NaI crystals and detectors utilizing low temperature sensors will be developed for KIMS+ projects, upgrades of KIMS-CsI experiment, in tight collaboration with the low temperature sensor group in the same center.
    • For more information about the job description, please contact to the director of the center, Yeongduk Kim (
  1. 3. Requirements for the position
    • All candidates must be able to commit themselves completely in the long-term to IBS research activities.
    • All candidates must be able to manage their respective research groups.
    • Applicants must demonstrate outstanding scientific achievements, have excellent skills in nuclear and/or particle physics experimentation, and show the ability to complete successful research for the planned underground ultra-low background experiment.
  1. 4. Offer
    • Authority to run his/her own research team.
    • Sizable independent research budget.
    • Tenured or permanent position.
  1. 5. General Selection Procedure
    1. ① Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement
    2. ② Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation
    3. ③ Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel
    4. ④ Decision by the SEC(Selection & Evaluation Committee) about recommendation
    5. ⑤ Negotiation with director
    6. ⑥ Appointment by the president
  2. 6. Application Submission
    • Please fill out the "Application Form" in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than June 30th, 2014.
    • E-mail title should include "Name of Applicant" and "Name of the Research Center"[ Contact Information ]
      • Youngwook Ko, Research Evaluation Team
        Division of Research Service
        Institute for Basic Science
        70, Yuseong-daero 1689-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-811
      • Tel. No.: +82-42-878-8142
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      • *For more information, please visit IBS website(
  1. 7. Download link for "Application Form" & "FAQ"