Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher (ICP-RIE) and End Point Detector (EPD) (유도 결합 플라즈마 방식 반응성 이온 식각장치와 식각완료면 정밀측정기)

  • Manufacturer SAMCO Inc.
  • Manufacture date 2016
  • Model RIE-200iP
  • Location IBS head quarter, C169 clean room 1000 (deposition room)
  • Manager None


This equipment is used to measurement for low temperature detectors. It is a load lock type Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) reactive ion etching system used to anisotropically etch all types of semiconducting, insulating, and metallic films.


RIE-200iP is robust and flexible load-locked etching system designed for R&D and pilot production. The system utilizes SAMCO's proprietary "Tornado Coil Electrode" to efficiently generate stable, high density plasma which ensures high selectivity, precision and excellent uniformity. The system also features SAMCO's unique multi-port exhaust system which provides a uniform gas flow over the wafer and maximizes gas conductance.

With customized specifications for silicon, metal, and III-V compound semiconductor materials, the RIE-200iP provides an industry leading level of versatility and performance.