Cryogen-Free Refrigerator System (무 액체 냉매 희석식 냉동기)

  • Manufacturer Leiden Cryogenics
  • Manufacture date 2015
  • Model CF-81-1400 Maglev
  • Location This equipment is installed at YangYang underground laboratory
  • Manager None


  • The CF-81-1400 Maglev is a dilution refrigerator can cool-down the experimental setup to below 10 mK using the phase transition energy of the 3He-4He mixture.
  • Since the heat and light signal in AMoRE experiment are very weak, it is impossible to measure the signals at room temperature. In order to achieve the high sensitivity and low threshold, the CUP uses the low temperature calorimeter as the main detecting technique. The calorimeter is operated below 10 mK, so the refrigerator can cool down the experimental set up is essential equipment for the AMoRE experiment.


  • 1’st stage Cryogen free cooler
    • Pulse tube refrigerator (Cryomech PT415 with remote motor)
    • 45 W @ 40 K, 1.5 W @ 4.2 K
  • Gas Handling system
    • Levitation type turbo pump, root pump,
    • Auto condensing/recovery system (include emergency recovery)
  • Dilution unit
    • minimum temperature : less than 10 mK
    • Cooling power : 1.4 mW @ 120 mK
    • Experimental area : 408 (diameter) × 690 (height)
    • 36 hours cool-down time with nitrogen precooling (no extra load)